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FreeStock images are intentionally designed for versatile and open usage. Our licensing framework is closely aligned with this principle, empowering users to utilize our images without limitations or barriers, providing the freedom to integrate them into a wide range of creative projects.

✅ You can freely download and use all photos for anything, whether it’s for your business or just personal stuff.

✅ You don’t have to ask for permission, but it’s nice to give credit if you can!

❌ You’re not allowed to sell the photos as they are; you need to change them a lot before selling. So, you can’t just take pictures and sell them without adding your own creative touch to make them unique.

At FreeStock, you’re free to download and use any image for your personal or business needs without requiring permission. While attribution isn’t mandatory, it’s a gesture we greatly appreciate. When it comes to selling these images, there’s a rule: they can’t be sold as is. You must make significant modifications to them. This policy encourages your creative input and ensures you’re not simply reselling images without adding your distinct touch. It respects the value of our community’s work and maintains a spirit of creativity and collaboration, enabling you to adapt these images for your projects while adhering to FreeStock’s open and accommodating policies.

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